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Hello and Welcome to my blog! This is officially my first blog post. My name is Stefanie Juliette. I am a visual artist and graphic designer. I hope to use this space to post updates, ideas and inspirations on current, past and future projects.

I encourage you to take a peek around my site and browse through my portfolio, where you will find a collection of my current and most recent vector illustrations and commissioned artwork.

Also feel free to follow me at the following social media platforms: on Twitter @StefiiJuliette, on Facebook @StefiiJuliette, on Instagram @StefanieJuliette, on Pinterest @StefiiJuliette, and on Behance @StefanieJuliette.

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Hi!! My name is Stefanie Juliette and I'm an artist, a traveler, an animal lover and a passionate woman. I am a visual artist currently residing in Houston, Texas. I was born in Barranquilla, Colombia and grew up in Plantation, Florida where I discovered my interest in art at an early age.

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